Nature hates me, I mean headbutted by a shark, pooped on by a whale, bitten by evil genius baby orangutan hate. Animals and the elements, it seems, take great pleasure in trying to knock the schiznit out of me. And do you know what? I am happily a human punchbag to make up for a fraction of the vile things homo sapiens do to the planet.

I am the guy who takes one for the team while companies destroy rainforests for palm oil and commercial fishermen rip fins off sharks for soup. You know what I mean as you are probably that guy (or girl) too. That’s why I help NGOs get noticed and engage with their audience who, like you and me, are tired of watching global temperatures rise and biodiversity fall.

So what can I do for you?

I help organisations get noticed and engage with their audience in a positive way. I am an assignment photographer, an art editor with a background in graphic design, plus copy-editing and writing. I have built magazines from the ground up, devised image strategies and consulted on visualisation requirements as well as stood in front of bulldozers, annoyed illegal fishermen and sat face to face with a wildlife trafficker and didn’t punch him (even though I really wanted to).

As a creative content creator, manager and consultant, I create website, communications and marketing stickiness with engaging visuals, attention-grabbing, well-written and grammatically correct SEO-minded copy and a clean organised and intuitive design.

So if you think I can help get in touch and let’s talk.