Senior editor - freelance or contract

A senior editor with over 30 years journalistic experience writing and editing newsstand magazines, editorial features, branded content and reviews for travel and business clients. Specialist knowledge of IT financial industry as I have edited presentations and reports for an IT financial analyst firm for the last 10 years.

Also deeply embedded in the charity world with a particular emphasis on wildlife, environment and International development. Impeccable written English and skilled at adapting content written by amateurs or non-English speakers into interesting and grammatically correct prose.

True story

When a duck turns naughty

I once worked for a publishing company which produced an 'Eating Out' guide for a county in the UK (I didn't work on the publication). 

One year, to save money, a junior was left to proof read the entries. One Chinese restaurant listed its specialty as Aromatic Crispy Duck, only the 'D' was entered as an 'F' and it got through the 'cheap' proof and entered circulation. The company was lucky not to get sued, it certainly didn't get paid and had to reprint the guide. 

The moral of this story is, do not scrimp on editing and proofing.