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Is your marketing manager looking more Shrek the Ogre than Shrek the Prince? Is your Comms department akin to a gaggle of panicking Auks rather than a disciplined army of Rivendell Elves? Have you stopped to ask why? Could it be you are asking too much of them?

Conservation photography

Engaging imagery

You often hear talk of the ‘hero’ image. You may think it just means a picture of Tom Cruise, but it’s actually the main picture on a web page or the lead picture in a news story, but it goes deeper than just being a big picture. A hero shot has to embody the story without the need for words. 

Copy writing

mental picture painting

Entertaining similes and metaphors paint pictures in the minds of your audience. Get them to laugh, or cry, or both and they will return because the human soul desires an emotional drip. A well-crafted story is like heroine for the soul.

Art and copy editing

Making you look professional

There’s a difference between there, they’re and their and you and you’re, not to mention its and it’s and if it’s wrong in campaign or marketing material your organisation looks like amateur hour at clown school.

Case study

British Divers Marine Life Rescue

BDMLR was struggling with its website, which needed modernisation, required an online shop to drive sales revenue and a portal to allow members of the public to book on its Marine Mammal Medic courses.


Content creator

Everyone wants to be a content creator. The term Youtuber has been turned into a career like engineer or accountant, but good Youtubers know their subject. My channel is growing well...

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