Taking care of your organisation's creative output

Is your marketing manager looking more Shrek the Ogre than Shrek the Prince? Is your Comms department akin to a gaggle of panicking Auks rather than a disciplined army of Rivendell Elves? Have you stopped to ask why? Could it be you are asking too much of them?

There are so many ways to communicate with an audience today that it is unfair to expect a marketing department or communications department to do it all. That’s like asking Liam Neeson to always keep his daughter safe. Sure, the job gets done, but boy is it stressful to watch.

What you really need is creative content management to work alongside marketing, communications and fundraising. The aim of which is to develop and manage a public-facing communications and marketing strategy which ties the visual content (photography and video), graphics (presentations and infographics) and copy writing together in a neat cohesive package.

To do this effectively I undertake a functionality review and develop an improvement strategy (if required), overhaul your house style guide (if you have one) or develop one (if you don’t), train staff on the use of imagery regarding copyright, content and quality. I also train your field operatives to take the sort of photographs and films needed in your organisation to disseminate information effectively and create stickiness with your potential audience.

Sure that above paragraph is a lot of marketing jargon, but creative content management gives the marketing department access to high quality visuals and copy. It gives communications departments a bank of engaging and media savvy content to disseminate and build excitement and interest in your cause. In short, it allows your organisation to effectively converse with your current audience and build on that to create a bigger and more engaged audience of committed supporters.

If you would like to discuss your issues and or ideas please feel free to contact me at photo@gavinparsons.co.uk


Bluefin tuna campaign in the Mediterranean Sea. Blluefin tuna are critically endangered and are still caught in hugh numbers while they are trying to breed in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.