Getting my Vlog on

01 March 2018Youtube

Youtube is, they say, the future. The video platform has been around years though and from time to time I've posted the odd video, but now I'm getting more into it. And in 2018 you'll see a lot more posts to help new and experienced photographers learn and get entertained.


I HATE having my picture taken and I bet you do to, but a decent headshot is almost essential for a linked in profile, a dating profile and a customer facing company website, but man alive do you and your staff hate having them done. DO YOU KNOW WHY? It's because you are not doing it right.

Create an image library case study: Port of London Authority

The Port of London Authority (POLA) looks after the tidal river Thames. It oversees a huge amount of operations from the obvious container ship piloting to the more unusual island nature reserve management. Each year it publishes a handbook for people and companies who use the tidal Thames and that consumes a lot of hard to source imagery library. So they asked me to create an image library.

Longterm assignment photography case study: Greenpeace

THERE ARE big days and there are small days and then there are mad days and my first day working for Greenpeace was the latter.

Tough assignment photography

THERE IS A TIME when everyone's else preservation gene screams in their ear to duck, run and get the f**k outa there. For many, that gene kicks in well before trouble arrives. Mine is a bit sluggish and I have, over the years, found myself with the reaper tapping my shoulder and whispering it might be time.

Outdoor showreel

11 July 2017video 0

SHOWREELS ARE A way to show off a bit. My latest is an outdoor showreel highlighting some of the visual storytelling I have done over the last year or so.

A burst of colour

WINE MEANS DIFFERENT things to different poeple. For some it is just alcohol, for others it is an artform. A craft and a passion. Lyme Bay Winery wanted to share its passion for making some of the best English Sparkling Wines pictorally.

Saving old negatives

15 September 2017Historic photography 5

HAVE YOU EVER LOOKED into the face of the past? No this isn't the start to a Dickens novel, it's a thought I had in a secondhand camera shop late last year when I found a shelf with some boxes of glass negatives from the 1890s. Each piece of 5x4 inch glass held a moment in time from before even my grandparents were born, yet the subjects had once been living and breathing people. Who they were, where they lived, what names they were called I had no idea, but it didn't seem to matter. I just wanted to meet them.

Kodak No3A Junior Portrait Project

12 July 2017Portrait 7

BROWSING IN A LOCAL used camera store, I can across an old camera. Nothing unusual there, but this one was different. The camera is made by Kodak, a trusted name in photography for generations and through my research I discovered it was made in 1918. A date burned into the consciousness of every one from the Commonwealth as the year the First World War ended.

I had already photographed the First World War battlefields and wanted to show there is still a direct connection with that conflict. Mankind should learn from history and not see it as a bunch of random events that sit in books. So I wanted to work with people, but how? Anyone actively involved in the conflict is no longer with us.

English wine film released

12 May 2017documentary 9

LAST AUTUMN I filmed the harvest and processing of grapes from an English vineyard. The grapes used by Lyme Bay Winery to make English sparkling wine which is, in my opinion, better than Champange. This film follows the story of the grapes being picked and their progress through to the winery.

It currently resides on Youtube on my channel, which is about to become populated with some new material.

A conversation starter

10 Feb 2017still life 4

SPARKLING MEAD IS a new alcoholic drink from Lyme Bay Winery and they wanted a new set of images and turned to me for help. One picture was to be a classic, yet warming, image, the other needed to start a conversation.

The misfits

2 Feb 2017animals 5

MEET THE MISFITS, a group of elderly cats residing at a cat rescue charity in Sussex. I was asked to bring out their characters in an artistic way so chose to single them out using a studio portrait style...

What is a visual Content creator

6 Jan 2017Conceptual 3

JANUARY 2017 SEES a new chapter in my career as I change from being a photographer into being a visual content creator...

New old portrait attachment

12 Dec 2016portrait 7

I HAVE SEARCHED for months for the right portrait attachment for my Kodak No.3A Junior camera and finally I found on on Ebay...