Getting my Youtube game on

01 March 2018VideoNew vlog

Youtube is, they say, the future. The video platform has been around years though and from time to time I've posted the odd video, but now I'm getting more into it. And in 2018 you'll see a lot more posts to help new and experienced photographers learn and get entertained.

I started with the very basics so if you know anyone struggling to use a camera then point them in the direction of my Fundamentals of Photography series.

However I have since moved on and any photographer, no matter how experienced will get something out of my Pin sharp pictures for under $5.

My latest was supposed to be a serious look at a sunrise landscape and instead turned into a comedy of errors. Take a look in I get SOAKED at SUNRISE!

Work sometimes gets in the way of video making, but I have several video ideas waiting to get produced such as how to scan negatives, taking panoramas, using a 100 year old camera to name just a few.

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