A burst of Colour

Wine means different things to different poeple. For some it is just alcohol, for others it is an artform. A craft and a passion. Lyme Bay Winery wanted to share its passion for making some of the best English Sparkling Wines pictorally.

Each wine, made in the champagne style, offers delicate differences and Lyme Bay wanted to demonstrate that. So we worked out a colour palette for each bottle and got to work on pulling together images that would jump from a screen or page.

To keep the range knitted together we used a dark slate background that would allow some images to hang subtley in the frame and others to zing out at the viewer. The organolyptics as they call the ingredients around each bottle, are different, yet give a sense of feeling each drink evokes.

Wine means different things to different people

When preparing the organolyptics, I was struck by how different the produce in shops is. Lidls had, by far the best limes and lemons. It also sold whole nuts. Tescos was great for soft fruit and granny smith apples. And lastly thank goodness for Waitrose who stocked out of season peaches, figs and dates. I didn't use the other supermarkets as I don't have any close by.