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Photographic Services

Working for NGOs, Agencies, and commercial organisations, Gavin Parsons creates conversation starting imagery to tell your story.



Linkedin profile picture shoots and company headshots that look and feel both professional and sit together on your website/brochure. See case study.

Image libraries


How to make your organisation stand out? Create your own image library to document all you do? Images look like they belong together in style, creativity and substance. See case study.

Product photography


Product photography is about catching the attention of potential customers. I work with companies to show off their products to engage their audience and create conversations. See case study.

Underwater photography


I am one of the best underwater photographers in the UK. I am at home in the sea and pool and photograph marine life, fashion, babies industry and scientific work.




Human made stories are a passion, but my video work is more than telling interesting stories. I am a location videographer utilising the convenience of DSLR cameras. I specialise in adventurous lifestyle video production with an emphasis on underwater, sa angling and outdoor pursuits.

Commercial photography


As a professional commercial photographer, I produce eye catching images to wow your customers and attract new clients. You may want photography for advertsing, a conference, marketing or a website. I add creativity to get your business noticed.

Long term assignments


Some shoots last days, weeks and even months. I am used to photographing over exytended periods to produce, news, reportage and lifestyle photography to suit your needs. Some photography assignments are fragmented and spaced out, others are one off projects. See case study.

Animal photography


Awesome animal photography of wildlife or domesticated creatures. Featered, furred, scaled or finned are all a specialty. You may opt for a portrait style or action or perhaps the creative Brenizer look.

Artist Statement

I am Gavin Parsons, a photographer and videographer collectively known as a creative content producer.

That means I am both a photographer and videographer.

About Gavin Parsons

My visual creative story started when the 11 year old me crawled out of a swamp (where I was trying to catch a frog no doubt) and picked up a camera. Now, over 35 years later, I have a trail of exciting memories, a few awards and a lot of publications bearing my work.

I love photography and video and I admire other people who love it too. I enjoy using digital as much as I love film, but equipment does not make a photographer, it is what is behind the eye that counts.

Sometimes my life is scary, other times it feels like I'm looking into the soul of the planet. And in the pursuit of art, I have hung out of helicopters; been centimetres from the mouth of a six metre long tiger shark and had to take refuge in a police van when it rained bricks during a police operation.

This website shows off just some of my work and if you like my style and want to work with me then give me a call or drop me an email. I can't always answer my phone, but always return messages, but thinking about it, it's probably best to email.

Social stuff

Visual storytelling

Today, visual communication is key to your brand's success. The world is dominated by Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. You could rely on poorly taken snaps or phone footage to try and engage your audience, but wouldn't it be better to talk to a professional visual creator. Telling your story is key to audiance engagement and I can produce high quality, stories with both still and moving images.

Does your business have interesting customers? Why not use those life stories to promote your brand. It could be people you sponsor or customers who just use your products and services. Creating thought-provoking mini-documentaries about them will tell the story of your brand better than any advertising campaign you could mount.

Working with me

I have over 25 years professional photographic experience. I started photography during the days of film, so you are dealing with an image maker who knows his way around the industry and a camera. I have diversified into a lot of photographic fields during my career as I love to create. Below are some of my disciplines:

  • Animals
  • Wildlife
  • Underwater
  • Formal and lifestyle portraits
  • Documentary style videos
  • Panoramas
  • Landscapes/cityscapes/seascapes
  • Fine Art
  • Reportage

I create still and moving images for:

  • Websites.
  • Digital and print marketing
  • Visual social platforms
  • Internal communications
  • Conferences
  • Image libraries
  • Artwork
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Please get in touch

email: photo@gavinparsons.co.uk or call: +44 (0) 7720 706143

I am not always able to answer the phone, but please leave a message and I will always get back to you. I answer all emails too.